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Yes, that’s right: “robot proofing” and not “waterproofing” (lame robotic laugh follows). Our Zee generation is being confronted with a scary question mark, it’s a huge one that goes like “Is my career under the risk of AI invasion ?! “. The AI which came under the banner of “making life easy” can take up our jobs too! , well thank you for your attention but don’t be too worried.

Remember the Industrial Revolution? , It was known as the “Gilded age”. It was when the horrible problems of urbanization came up and started getting out of hand. Cities were being overpopulated, and neighborhoods became dirty and unsafe. It was even worse for the workers. This very revolution came out with the idea of “let the machine do the hard work while you sit back and supervise”.

To point out, this machine revolution had its problems but it helped the world in a good way too.

Now let's put that away. AI is a concept that is bugging people with questions and worries. As Eliezer Yudkowsky puts it: “By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

Many online platforms and even the governments like that of Finland is giving out free courses on AI to demystify it altogether.AI or any other form of intelligence will lack many qualities that are pure gifts safe in the hands of homo sapiens, say for example qualities and skills like empathy, creative thinking, imagination, vision, etc. So the analysis of jobs and skillsets that AI cant takeover can be investigated by going through these traits.

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford and Yale University received 352 responses to a survey they’d sent out to over 1,600 academics who had presented at conferences on machine learning and neural information processing in 2015. They conclude that there’s a 50 percent chance robots will be better than us at folding laundry in about six years, followed very soon by AI writing computer games. If you drive a truck for a living, there’s a slim chance you’ll be competing with automated drivers in just over five years, but you can be fairly sure they’ll give up the road to driverless trucks in just over 20 years. And frighteningly the experts think there’s a slim chance that machines will be the ones developing AI within half a century, and odds-on they’ll be running the show in about 80 years.

Here are 10 jobs that experts believe can never be replaced by robots or AI’s:

  1. Human Resource Managers
  2. Sales Managers
  3. Marketing Managers
  4. Public Relations Managers
  5. Chief Executives
  6. Event Planners
  7. Writers
  8. Software Developers
  9. Editors
  10. Graphic Designing

And here are 10 jobs that AI imp will be commanding over soon.

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Bookkeeping Clerks
  3. Compensation and Benefits Managers
  4. Receptionists
  5. Couriers
  6. Proofreaders
  7. Computer Support Specialists
  8. Market Research Analysts
  9. Advertising Salespeople
  10. Retail Salespeople

And finally, to the question — “whether AI will eat you up or not ?”, well let us say that AI won’t be reaching that maturity any time soon (hopefully).

(Ideas and data are taken from :

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